Halden Zimmermann and Thinking Outside the Box

It reads as a cliche, but in business the ability to think outside of the box effectively can boost the effectiveness of your work exponentially. If you can implement more original ideas within the workplace then the potential to stand out from the crowd and allow your ideas to come to fruition are exponentially increased. It takes a certain individual to have the confidence to do this, but ultimately it comes down to having a confidence in your work and to put in the effort to back up your ideas. It also means having the ability to step outside of a situation and apply analytical skilss to see the greater idea.

In marketing especially this can have a great effect. The understanding of a market objectively allows for a unique viewpoint on how to implement impactful change. Thinking outside the box to reinvent strategies and push a forward thinking model of generating growth. Halden Zimmermann (Chicago, Illinois, Ametek – President MCS) is an accomplished leader, specialising in the transformation and building of high tech industrial companies. His current position as President & Global General Manager for Motion Control Solutions allows him to continue deciphering innovative ways for large companies to impact markets. Expert marketing vision has given him the opportunity to work his way up in the ranks from engineer to global corporate leader.

A strong focus throughout his work has been the development of strategies that are logical but original. Zimmermann understands the tendency to shy away from change, at it is difficult and in business it is often structurally risky to implement changes. This means however that transformation, when enforced with vision and strategy, can decrease performance gaps and open up teams to powerful new approaches. His motto in business is that the most valuable changes are made when traditional practices are challenged. Change is hard, but that is often precisely the reason why teams should drive for change to be impactful and stand out in the market.

Zimmermann stresses the importance of a contingency plan in driving change, in order to minimize risks. In business he also highlights the impact of having a mentor. The advice and wisdom from someone more experienced in the field will offer solutions when difficult circumstances arise. Instead of resisting change, our response when challenged in the workplace should be to turn to mentors for guidance on how to navigate issues and work towards a solution. Read more about Halden Zimmermann and his advice at Hal Zimmermann Danaher and Mentoring.

Halden Zimmerman & Self-publishing Successfully

It is not news that authors are increasingly gravitating towards self-publishing as a means to avoid the restrictions and costs of being tied to a large publishing house. 2008 marked the first year that the amount of self-published books surpassed the amount published traditionally in a year, in 2009 the percentage rose to an astonishing 76% of all books released. Niche genre authors especially are far more likely to self-publish. This is probably because, as experts in their field, they actually know how better to market their subject material than the large publishing houses who would not have such specialist expertise.

While the physical cost of publishing independently and marketing a book once used to be substantial, many platforms and resources are now available to aid the modern day author towards selling their book. The appeal of e-books is considerable, with no up-front costs, and the popularity in electronic reading devices over printed books meaning that the readership is nowhere limited as it was even a few years ago. There are many e-book publishing platforms, with a variety of options on how best to put your book out there. Halden Zimmermann on Leanpub released ‘Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income’, his popular guide to generating an earning from writing online.

Leanpup is a unique platform in that it allows for continual publishing, so is ideal for those writing blogs or books in serial form. As soon as you start the first chapter you can start publishing and by subscribing readers will be able to access new material as soon as you update. They define this as ‘lean publishing’, almost like a publishing in-progress. Halden Zimmermann found this the perfect way to transform his blog into a guide; he writes specifically for individuals in management who are interested in innovative and new methods to succeed in business.

The use of this as a means to publish is a testament to Zimmermann’s own business expertise. The philosophy of Leanpub is that a book is like a startup company: publishing contains risks, and as a creative endeavour often does not deliver in terms of capital or popularity. With their method however, you show your readership what you offer as you go and thus organically increase your audience. To learn more about Halden Zimmermann and his business prowess, go on Leanpup and find out.

Halden Zimmermann- A Reputation for Big Change and Big Ideas

Halden Zimmermann has built up a towering reputation in his distinguished career as a global business leader. The mechanical engineering graduate has demonstrated his ability to think big and act big in a range of global corporations, and help them implement innovative branding , pricing and marketing strategies. It has made him a valued leader in the world of technical manufacturing. With the practical skill base he has, along with his aptitude for understanding complex logistics, he has been able to offer revolutionary business solutions to those companies looking to take their operations to the next level.

Follow the link here to watch Halden Zimmermann on Vimeo. Halden Zimmermann’s portfolio shows a man who is able to implement big ideas and big changes to companies. Within his first role as a plant operations manager upon graduating this was already evident in the promising young corporate leader. He led manufacturing transformation, implementing Toyota Product System framework for largest operations team and deploying lean manufacturing tools such as “ZAP board management” and value stream to drive 58% gain in throughput. He also transformed a new product launch by starting with basics using “lean processes”, PPAP and new program management toll gates bringing teams from “blockers” to metrics driven owners using Kaizen as a core tool sets.

The Japanese business philosophy off ‘Kaizen’, or ”continuous improvement”, has always been integral to Halden Zimmermann’s business strategies. In many businesses he has been a continuous improvement champion & lean expert, where has deployed sustainable operational excellence implementing business systems similar to Toyota, Danaher & Valeo focusing Quality & Kaizen in commercial and operational areas.

In pricing strategy Halden Zimmermann has also shown his prowess in developing and implementing innovative ideas. In one role he implemented McKinsey pricing strategy model which drove profitability through game changing tools like segmentation, value based pricing and go to market planning, driving 65% in growth over 2 years.

Most recently, Halden Zimmermann has been the President of Motions Control Systems. Here has shown a great commitment to developing the business’ relationship with the local community. In working with local academic, school and manufacturing institutions, they have aimed to help cultivate a more skilled workforce which will benefit the whole community and develop long term economic prosperity in the region. For Halden Zimmermann, The Modern Skill Set of an Influential Business Leader must incorporate wider ranging concerns such as responsibility to the community.

Halden Zimmermann- The Ball Should Never Stop Rolling in Business

A key to success in the competitive word of business in the modern age is being able to embrace and implement positive change. Many people are fearful of change, especially when things seem to be going well. It is in many ways an inherent human trait. However, as the business environment rapidly develops, especially in the technical and digital industries, it is vital that businesses commit to innovation in all areas, and develop strategies that keep them ahead of the game. Halden Zimmermann has been working in corporate leadership for a long time, and has been an outspoken advocate of the Japanese business philosophy which entails these business philosophies- ‘Kaizen’-, or as it is known in the West, ‘continuous improvement’.

For Halden Zimmermann, Eastern Business Ideals in a Western Context are difficult to implement, but when they work, are highly effective. Kaizen was developed in the 80s by the internet by the Japanese, and called upon businesses in the country at the time to seek continuous improvement in all operations to help drive the economy forward. The implementation of such ideas can be seen as the key reason that Japan remains at the front of developing digital technologies- they are arguably many years ahead of any other nation in this field.

For advocates like Halden Zimmermann, applying the philosophy of Kaizen to Western businesses, especially in the technical and electronic industries in which he works is vital  in keeping them ahead of the competition. His enthusiasm for the philosophy extends beyond just the companies he as worked for. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and LSS Champion (George Group) with experience leading hundreds of Kaizen events resulting in savings of millions of dollars on commercial, operations and product initiatives for businesses. He has also authored many continuous improvement best practices articles and a comprehensive continuous improvement handbook for managers.

Keeping the ball rolling in terms of innovation, strategy and ambition are what have helped successful businesses grow to their full potential and beyond. As a corporate leader, Halden Zimmermann has committed most of his professional life to making this happen for companies, whilst sharing his experience and ideas along the way allowing everybody to profit from his revolutionary business strategies and initiatives. Find out more about him here at Halden A. Zimmermann, Leica & Skills Development.

Halden Zimmermann- Positive Change from Positive Leaders

Being able to conceive and implement positive change is a key facet to being a successful business leader in the modern age. Many people perceive managers as being good rhetoricians, and have the speaking skills to talk up projects without ever being able to implement and understand the impact of these ideas. What sets the best business leaders apart from the rest is their ability to act upon business strategy and vision, and do so with efficiency, innovation and effectiveness. Halden Zimmermann knows this better than most, and it has made him one of the most distinguished business leaders around today. He prides himself on being an efficient strategy developer, and relishes the opportunity to make positive changes to businesses.

Halden Zimmermann’s career path started by him graduating with two degrees in engineering. This degree formed the foundation for allowing him to be able to understand the complex business logistics he deals with today- and it is this technical and intellectual curiosity which makes him so effective. By having the knowledge of how a company operates on a deeper technical level, Halden Zimmermann is better able to find solutions as to how to make the companies he works for operate more efficiently. An example of this is when he was able to introduce a rather radical pricing strategy model known as the McKinsey, with great success. The business saw a growth of 65% in just under two years, a testament to his ability to make big decisions under pressure, and take risks with decision-making. He has consistently applied the philosophy of ‘Kaizen’, or ‘continuous improvement’ to his business practices. This has gained him a reputation for being innovative, forward-thinking and progressive in his ideas and abilities to implement these strategies.

The idea of continuous improvement to many may seem obvious, but is something many businesses fail to embrace when things are going smoothly. Trying to convince businesses that they need to continually evolve to remain competitive is no easy task, especially when it seems like things are going well. Being able to do this and then go on to implement the change is what has made Halden Zimmermann such a sought-after individual for businesses striving for success. Watch these Video For Halden Zimmermann On YouTube to find out more about the man himself.

Halden Zimmermann- The Modern Skill Set of an Influential Business Leader

Halden Zimmermann  is recognized by many in the industry as being one of the most impressive and goal-orientated business leaders around. He has crafted a diverse portfolio in a wide range of industries, which have given him the skills and experience to to become one of the wisest heads on the market. Strangely enough though Halden Zimmermann graduated from University with two Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering- more suited for practical work one would assume- but has become hugely successful in business and commerce. He has managed to refine the skills developed at university to help him become the towering business leader he is today.

Halden Zimmermann’s professional background highlights this diversity, and how he has adapted his skills for the world of commerce. Upon graduating he worked in a reputable electronic components business, supplying parts to BMW, GM and Toyota to name but a few. Excelling as the plant operation manager, Halden was head-hunted and lured away to Paris to lead one of Europe’s largest packaging services. It was here that he revolutionized the companies pricing strategies, and began to carve a name for himself as an innovative individual. Roles that followed included various CEO, managerial and team leading positions in companies ranging from life sciences and technology too modern pharmaceuticals. The wide range of industries he has had the opportunity to work in have helped him develop a wide range of skills.

Halden Zimmermann has also built an impressive internet legacy. Whilst his pricing strategies and innovative business logistics solutions are still widely used today,  the internet has proved to be the perfect tool for Halden Zimmerman  to share his experience and ideas with the business community. His articles discuss a wide range of compelling issues, and look to explore more than just his marketing and business experience. The articles feature insightful discussions about the nature of politics and their influence on businesses today, how to make a high impact in the business world and perform to the best of your capabilities, and also insights the future of various markets and what this holds for businesses operating in the industry.

‘Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income’ was published recently, and has proven to be a hugely successful book among ambitious business leaders. It encapsulates many of the ideas that are present in the online material he regularly updates, and is a concise and refined testament tot he power of knowledge and information. You can learn more about Halden Zimmerman here.

Halden A. Zimmermann, Leica & Skills Development

Halden A. Zimmermann is used to giving advice. As current President and General Manager of Leica Microsystems, Halden has moved extremely rapidly up the career ladder since his early days as an engineer at ITT Automative. True, his exceptional ability was recognized very early on in his career by ITT, who sponsored his MBA program at the prestigious Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, where Halden became the  youngest student to be accepted in the history of the university. But it is almost inconceivable to have imagined how quickly determination, innovation and creativity would have propelled him to such heights.

So, when Halden Zimmermann speaks about leadership skill development it is only the foolish who choose not to listen. Halden believes in particular that marketing is possibly the greatest difference between the way we once conducted business and the way commerce is nowadays performed. “In the first beginning of times, business was all about bricks. Your worth was determined on how many bricks you could create. It was in these times that the biggest business was in production, but today it seems the production system changed into the system we know now. Our current system of business is built around relationships and powered by technology and services to keep us connected.”

Halden maintains that after about the 19th century business and marketing transformed slowly into the commerce we know today. “Overall, the evolution of marketing has given growth to the idea of business development. Throughout this time, different epochs of marketing have come and gone. The epoch of the production dropped and the focus was suddenly on the product. No more was the focus about quantity and how much of something could be produced, but instead it was about the quality of the product being made. As you can imagine, this changed the plans of competitors far and wide around the world. The most recent stage of marketing we have just passed from is what I’d like to call the epoch of the needs.” During this time, Halden believes, businesses figured out the secret to sales and driving up volume was to, ‘Find someone with a need and fill the need’. During the 1950 to about 1990 or so, door to door sales became a popular thing for marketers where salesmen would knock on doors of homes, looking to find someone who with need their product could fulfill.

Naturally, today, door-to-door selling still happens, although depending on your living location, it may be incredibly rare. The market has now taken the turn to focusing on relationships. Of course, the strategy is still to find a need and fill it, but rather than going door-to-door, it’s done online through target marketing. Halden points out that marketeers find your social media profiles and research the things you want, things you like and what you say you need. They then pay the social media service to put their advertisements of the products they have noticed you talking about – or an advertisment on something similar you may be interested in. Some marketers select a specific age group, race, sex and location and let the advertising do it’s own thing, finding possibly customers wherever they may be. For more links about Halden Zimmermann go to www.abouthaldenzimmermann.com

Halden Zimmermann and A Career Path

The phrase, “Renaissance Man,” is so often used when describing an individual that its meaning has become debased and bleached of any meaningful signification. Originally indicating that the individual is polythematic and able to cross over into fields of expertise other than his own narrow focus of interest, the term is now employed with sweeping abandon to include sports stars who are able to speak a foreign language or a scientist who can also cook. To actually find a multi-faceted person who is deserving of the epithet is rare – and becoming even rarer – due to the enclosed parameters most of us find ourselves operating within due to increasing specialization at school or work.

However, when writing about Halden Zimmermann’s career path, we are obliged to agree with his colleagues and admirers who refer to him as truly being a latter-day renaissance man – completely at home in any multi-disciplinary environment.

Hal Zimmermann currently serves as the Vice President and General Manager for Leica Microsystems. Focusing on industrial technologies and life-science research imaging solutions, Leica invited Halden to restructure its marketing approach and implement further growth in this acquisitive-intensive industry. By further designing and implementing a coherent strategy which effectively made Leica a far more aggressive organization – as well as restructuring operations to make the company leaner and more flexible – Halden has already overseen an operational profits increase of 50 percent, while share prices have gained an additional 10 points.

However, Halden originally began his career as an engineer at ITT Automotive, a components manufacturer supplying automobile manufacturers such as General Motors, Honda, Toyota and BMW. His remit rapidly expanded to include responsibility for Continuous Improvement, before accepting the position of General Manager of three plants, which focused on the turnaround and consolidation of facilities. While at ITT, Halden was the first employee to be nominated for a company-sponsored MBA program at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester. He was the youngest student to be accepted for the prestigious course in the history of the University, and his success prompted him to leave ITT and move to Alcan to focus on Global Operational Restructuring. After completing the Alcan Corporate Leadership Development Program, Halden relocated to Paris, France and concentrated his energies on transforming the company’s commercial organization to one incorporating a value-based, dynamic function – a decision that was endorsed by Alcan and which is now standard for all of its global entities. For a lot more information about Halden Zimmermann, why not watch his videos on YouTube?

Tips on Fly-fishing From Halden Zimmermann

If asked to conjure an image of a high level business professional, most would draw up a man in a smart suit at the top of a high rise, or in a board room, making tough calls with a demanding attitude and even more demanding working environment. No one would automatically jump to a serene river full of fish with a man fly-fishing in the quite afternoon. But that is exactly where you might find Halden Zimmermann, an accomplished business professional, who also happens to be an accomplished fly-fisherman.

For Halden Zimmermann fly fishing is a means of getting out of the office. In this article, he gives some of his top advice for fly-fishing. It starts with a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. When trying to spot fish, inadequate sunglasses can be a real problem. Sun on the water causes a lot of glare, making it quite hard to spot fish. Polarized glasses remove that glare, especially during the peak hours of the day when the fishing is best. Fishing early or later in the day increases the chances of catching a fish because this is when they are usually feeding. However, for those looking to start their fly-fishing careers, learning to spot fish, understand their movements, and knowing their feeding habits, midday is a better time to learn.

It is also important to approach the stream carefully. It is important to always walk gently, never stomping feet or splashing the water overmuch. While these might seems like small movements and sounds to a person, for a fish, the smallest movement in the water is magnified. Keep low to the water when walking, even squatting or crawling if the fish are particularly skittish. Stay in the shade if possible as to avoid casting telling shadows, and when wading, go very slowly, keeping your ripples small and close to your feet.

Finally, look for a fish’s shadow, not direct movement. The body of a fish is designed to blend in with the stream bed, so especially for amateur fishermen, looking for changes in light caused by the fish’s shadow make finding them a lot easier.  Video for Halden Zimmerman and his fishing reviews can be found online. While there are an untold number of articles online with a variety of opinions and information about fishing, if you stick to the basics outline d in this article, a world of opportunities will open for the amateur fisherman.

Halden Zimmermann – Reducing Waste Through Continuous Improvement

For business owners, ensuring that their companies or organizations are operating at the highest level of productivity and profitability is a top priority. And for many, using the practice of continuous improvement is an effective way to make sure businesses are functioning properly. Continuous improvement (CI) is a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. The practice was formalized by the popularity of Lean/Agile/Kaizen in manufacturing and business, and today it has become popular among st companies all around the world.

Business mogul Halden Zimmermann has been using the concept of CI to help the wide array of businesses he has worked for out-innovate, out-compete, and outperform market and industry benchmarks. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Zimmermann started as the plant operations manager for ITT Automotive (purchased by Valeo), a multinational automotive supplier based in France. Here, he managed operations in vertical manufacturing of high-tech products, and transformed the company’s manufacturing framework. Eventually, he was promoted to Continuous Improvement & Quality manager, where he employed Lean Six Sigma tools to improve the company’s productivity. One coworker said Mr. Zimmermann’s “will to follow and stick to continuous improvement methodologies made for significant and ongoing progress in process efficiency, cost reduction, and quality improvement.” Click here for more information on Halden Zimmerman’s Professional Background.

In 2003, Mr. Zimmermann joined the president of ITT Automotive at Alcan Packing, Inc., as the Director of Continuous Improvement for the global food, meats, and beverage-packaging sector. He was eventually relocated to Paris, France in a global marketing role, where he focused on leading and transitioning the commercial organization to a more dynamic and process-oriented organization. He also led a business-wide continuous improvement development and brought 14 plants and commercial leaders through the Lean Sigma Six journey.

Working to constantly improve is the number one way businesses reduce operating overhead, and why Mr. Zimmermann implemented CI techniques in his various leadership positions. By achieving efficient workflow, businesses save time and money, which allows them to reduce wasted time and effort. Many projects involve shifting deadlines, changing priorities, and other complexities that all have opportunities to be improved upon, but without action, these opportunities cannot be taken advantage of. To learn more About Halden Zimmermann, click here.

For Halden Zimmermann, sacrificing quality is never justifiable by the ability to complete a project faster. In order to maintain quality standards while reducing time and cost, companies look to CI techniques. By doing this, Mr. Zimmermann has effectively helped improve businesses all over the world.